You always have a choice

(If you start reading, you’ll have to finish – or go directly to version 2! NB: The first paragraph is way exaggerated! And I know it’s a bit risci to post it – I really don’t mean to offend anyone… Hope you’ll get the point ;)

Fall 2016, version 1

So, I was in my greatest shape ever and pumped up for my 70.3 debut. I fell over my bike because of a stupid bastard that didn’t know the traffic rules. I was in sooo much pain immediately but I went on my trip to the race. It was a nightmare to get there. I was stranded in Brussels, had to buy new tickets and walk around and around with all of my luggage. When I got to Lanzarote, my luggage didn’t arrive so for 2 days I walked around in dirty clothes. I found out that my rib was broken and I couldn’t do the race. I drank too much and had hangovers. Poor me.

I got home and it was rainy and cold. I couldn’t drive my car because my chest was locked (actually, how can it be locked when it is in two pieces?!). Whatsoever, I had to do a lot of work on uni so I had to drink a lot of coffee. Poor me. I was glued to my couch and I couldn’t train at all. Also every time I walked somewhere everybody seemed to walk so quickly and I hated stairs more than ever. There was also like this pain in my hip now!? I also had pain when I laughed. So I tried stop laughing. Even THAT didn’t work out for me. It was like everything was working against me.

I got back in the water and back to swim routines. And then my shoulder started hurting! Like, WHY MEEEEE? I might have increased my swim volume from 0k to 25k in one week. But I did nothing else!! So it should be fine! Now I’m stuck with kicking half of my sessions. Do you know how boring that is? And then it’s like, I can’t really sleep at night. I’m sure I have insomnia. I totally should be able to sleep, because every Saturday night I don’t sleep so I have so much to catch up on. I also gained some weight and I really don’t know why! (Maybee expect for my non-existing activity level, weekly bottles of wine and daily consumption of peanutbutter – but PB is supposed to be super-healthy, right? So why me?)

And then I still have my hip injury. Can’t it just be fixed with some pills? It turns out no… because the doctor just told me it’s f*cking broken. My hip is teared and ripped apart into pieces and has been for 7 weeks. Why didn’t anybody tell me?  Now I still have to wait a month until I can run again but I am allowed to go “run in water instead”. Do you know how boring that is? Kill me softly. That’s where I get depressed and hate my life. It’s just so sad. Poor me. I’m allowed to bike again. In 5 degrees, rain and darkness. FML. Worst timing ever.

Fall 2016, version 2

So, I had a little crash – it really wasn’t that big of a deal (I thought), riding-crashing-up again and onwards. I had to leave to the airport so had no time to get it checked. So I went to Lanzarote and I even had the opportunity to visit Brussels City on the way down. I got to sunny Lanzarote, where you don’t really need that much clothes to wear so it didn’t matter that my luggage didn’t arrive. The next day, I found out that my rib was broken but I got some extra D-vitamin out of the sun and a great vacation out of it.

While I was a bit sidelined because of some small inabilities with breathing, I was fortunate to just stay on the couch and got way ahead of my master’s thesis. I almost forgot that I missed out on training and when I missed my team mates too much, I just went out for dinner or drinks with them. Suddenly I was healed in my chest and I jumped back into the water. It actually didn’t feel bad at all! I probably did a bit too much in the beginning so my shoulder backed off, but it meant that I could swim a lot more with fins and I really like fins. I also started working on my kicking…yaay…when you find out that you’re getting better at kicking.

I couldn’t really do much on my feet because of a little niggle in my hip but it was also getting cold and rainy outside. Now 7 weeks later, I’ve found out that my niggle is a little crack in my collum femoris…. so two pieces of broken bones, but I still have 204 intact bones! The crack has been there for so long now, that it’s almost healed before I even knew about it! Maybe I shouldn’t have walked around in high heels and maybe large amounts of water with percentages wasn’t super ideal for recovery, but at least I’ve danced like no one was watching and sung like no one was listening. I’ve avoided any kind of depression and gained sooo much motivation. It might be windy, rainy, dark and cold now but do you know how nice it is to be out riding in the fall? I’ve also put on some isolation that makes it possible to stay in the pool for hours without getting so cold that it makes me wanna pee in the water just to raise the temp with 0.001 degree. It also makes it possible to aqua jog for as long as my mind want to; that wasn’t possible 2 months ago! I also get to drink a lot of milk, and I really like milk.

It’s never good timing to crack bones but it feels like one of the better bad timings, right now. Master thesis is almost in one piece, so is my rib, and my hip is getting there!

One situation, two versions…you always have a choice of which version you choose!

…except… If you walk on the side walk and want to cross the cycle path, then before you cross the road: Activate your neck muscles, move your head to the left and FU*KIING LOOK BACK! One choice, no discussion.


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