The race report without a race

Note to self: Sometimes, take a hint. Especially when they’re thrown at you. In your face!

Okay, onto my half-ironman debut race report:

Short version: DNS

Medium version: Did not finish, because I did not start.

Long version:

Mid-august I seemed ”to have found the light at the end of the tunnel” and came out of a 2-month long fatigue-bubble. I was, for sure, in bad shape but I had the feeling of balance and was slowly getting back in business and got stronger day by day. I was motivated, happy and relaxed and signed up for a new adventure: 70.3 Lanzarote. It was supposed to be my half-ironman debut. I chose the race as I know the surroundings and course quite well, as I’ve spend 3-4 weeks on the island the past 3 years – and my team mate Thomas Strange was going to race it as well. So even if it was something new and at times terrifying, it kept me calm that I was actually ”just” going to do a swimbikerun with my neighbor. The last three weeks of training went quite alright (Danish way to say it). Freaking über-well (American way to say it). Almost too good to be true. Those periods are what keeps me going when things doesn’t reaaaally go that natural easy.

Just before I was going to Lanzarote, I had a fall on my citybike when a boy walked out on the cycle path in front of me. I hit my front wheel hard with my chest and felt a deep pain immediately (Take a hint, #1). However, it HAD been a busy day – and I had a feeling that I was probably just a bit soft and sensitive prior the travel and race. So of to Lanzarote I went.

I had a stop-over in Brussels and this was where the real chaos began. Very long story short. Overbooked flight – I was the one to be ”left out” – with amazing opportunity to get a new flight ticket to Lanzarote FOUR days later (Take a hint, #2) – or to get a new flight back home (Take a hint, #3). But no way, I was going home now! So I started to ignore all pain in my chest and got on a mission: I wanted to go to Lanzarote! So thanks to free 4G by my phone company I got into the city, found a hotel and got in contact with a travel agency that could help me to get to Lanzarote WITH my bike the next day.

I slept 11 hours straight and felt that I’d got it….! But what a naive little blondie…. :)

I arrived at Lanzarote Thursday afternoon, 1,5 days prior the race. Without my bike or bagage. (Take a hint, #4). I got to Club La Santa and jumped in the pool for some pre-race training. A lot shorter than planned… My chest was kinda killing me. But I could ignore it if I really tried to imagine purple flowers and a free pick-and-mix chocolate buffet. (Take a hint, #5)

I went for a little jog. As in 58 meters. Hip was kinda freaking out and for the first time, I realized that I maybe wouldn’t be able to race (I took a hint, #6). But there was a possibility that I was still just a little softy after some adventurous days so I registered for the race and slept on it. And then I woke up to reality (what a bitch, reality hurt)!! I had a treatment with Gunter at Club La Santa that got me a little more relaxed but coach was very clear when I phoned him: No race. No discussion.

And that’s it. It was extremely reassuring that he made the decision. I trusted him 100% and didn’t dwell on it….that long ;) I followed Thomas through pre-race day to get a sense of how the procedures of these long distance races and to keep my mind busy. On race day I must admit that I felt jaloux. Extremely ”not-good-for-you” jaloux. But I guess it’s a good sign as well. Holy smoke, I look forward to actually have my half-ironman debut. But first I’ll have to deal with this chest issue. I got confirmed that my rib #2 is broken and the first two weeks I could do NO-THING. Now I can ride easy baby-watts again and I’m thrilled to be able to breathe painfree again. Swimming and running is not really an option yet but I feel that the recovery is accelerating now :)

Onwards and upwards, Thamsi

PS: My travel back to Denmark? 2 flights. No queue in check-in line, no payment for bike bag, flights arriving earlier than scheduled, bagage made it home, and on both flights I got 3 free seats. I think…..THINK…someone/something/whatever is trying to ”hint me” that I should just be in Denmark right now.

2 thoughts on “The race report without a race

  1. Hold nu kæft hvor er det uheldigt. Da vi talte sammen i ugen op til raceday, var det tydeligt at du glædede dig.

    Jeg beundrer, at du er i stand til, at kunne skrive så humoristisk om det. Vi er mange andre som nok havde gået rundt og surmulet endnu ;-)

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